My First Time … What Do I Bring?
By Jeffrey “Tigurius” Espejo

The first time you ever go play Paintball can be so exciting that you may forget to ask the question “What do I bring?” There is not that much that you need to bring with you as the Paintball field usually takes care of what you need. Coveralls are usually provided, but you should still wear something light underneath that you do not mind getting dirty, after all the Paintballs can seep through the coveralls and possibly stain your clothes. A t-shirt and track pants, sweats, or shorts are usually ideal. An extra pair of shoes and a plastic bag to keep your dirty shoes in should also be considered.

Having snacks on hand for keeping your energy up is definitely something that you won’t regret on a long day of Paintball. Other items I would recommend are of course water bottles and other refreshments in a cooler. Nothing beats having fresh cold water, as most Paintball fields may not have running water. Having some wet napkins can help too in keeping clean. Of course some fields do have amenities on hand that may not require you to bring some of these items. Always call ahead to make sure you know what exactly they do and do not have available to you and of course get lots of sleep and have fun!