Paintball Dictionary
By David Helgeson

ACE- stands for anti chop eyes, they go in the chamber of a marker and detect paintballs.
AGD- stands for Air Gun Designs. Makers of the automag.
anti-syphon tube A tube that goes in the Co2 tank that is curved upwards as to only pick up the Gaseous Co2 at the top of the tank.
Airball- A type of speedball played with inflatable bunkers, its used in almost every tournament.
Angel- A very popular type of high end gun made by WDP
ASA- Means air source adapter, its the place where you screw your tank into and is often connected to your gun with a drop forward
Autococker- A very popular gun that is now going out of style. It is one of the only closed bolt guns on the market. It is a pump gun with pneumatics on it to automatically cock it. This gun is made by WGP.
Agg- new word in paintball thats a kind of style that includes tailfeathers, folded proflexes, unimounts et.. Also means pimp or cool.

Back player-Players who usually stay back, they shoot a lot of paint and their job is to cover lanes and keep opponents in their bunkers, and to communicate positions to the rest of their team.
barrel- The length of the gun the ball is propelled through beyond the chamber, these are often interchangeable and some people buy kits to size their paint for best accuracy.
Barrel condom/cover- A cover that slips over the last few inches of the barrel to block paintballs incase of accidental misfire.
Barrel plug- An object you insert into the barrel to block accidental misfires.
Battle swab- A popular type of squeegee, which is about 16 inches in length and folds in half and looks like a fuzzy stick.
BKO- an electropneumatic gun made by Indian Creek Designs that uses a 2 way solenoid instead of a 4 way found on bushmasters
Blind shooting- To stick your gun out without looking and to shoot without looking.
blowback- Extra air that escapes up the feedneck and pushes balls into the hopper.
board The electronics board inside a paintball gun which controls the solenoid action.
Bonus balling- Shooting a player who is already out.
bounce (1)- When a paintball hits you and fails to break
bounce (2)- A flaw on electropneumatic guns that makes it shoot more than actually pulled on the trigger
BPS- This means balls per second, its used to measure the Rate of fire on paintball guns.
break, off the/on the- the start of the game when everyone runs to their primary positions.
bunker(N)- An object you hide behind that provides cover for you and prevents paintballs from hitting you
Bunker(v)- When a player runs up to an opposing player's bunker and shoots him at close range. This move requires lots of skill and practice to do right
Bushmaster Also known as bushys these are relatively cheap electropneumatic markers made by Indian Creek Designs (ICD).

Constant Air (CA) Development from old 12 grams which made it so you could use bulk Co2 tanks.
Cap The maximum cycles per second a board can do
Chop When the bolt chops a paintball in half because the trigger is pulled before a paintball is completely in the breech
Chronograph (chrono) Device that measures the velocity of a paintball in FPS.
Co2 A gas used to propel paintballs, commonly used on lower end guns and is very cheap.
cocker short for autococker, look above
compressed air A type of air used for high end guns that cannot accept Co2 it is compressed to 3,000 or 4,500 psi inside the tank.
Cyborg A very good high end gun made by macdev

Dead man walk A frowned upon technique of acting like you are out and walking away then suddenly shooting the opposition or getting into a bunker
debounce A setting on boards to limit bounce
detent Something that stops the ball from rolling out the barrel
dome Head and goggle area.
dorito An airball bunker in the shape of a 3 sided pyramid, usually at one of the snakes
dwell the time the valve is held open, this is adjustable on electronic markers.

egg/evo Nickname for viewloader evlution II
electro A gun that is shot using an electric microswitch.
extra love Innocent phrase for bonus balling
eye A system that detects paint in the loader or gun.

Fanning A way to shoot the gun, that involves tensing up your trigger arm and sticking your middle finger on the trigger and vibrating your arm back and forth. Although impressively fast, it makes the gun wobble around and makes aiming impossible.
FPSFeet per second, measurement of velocity which is used for chronoing your paintballs.

gogged When you are shot in the goggles
Goggles You wear these over your head to protect your eyes
grill Refers to the vent in masks which aid in breathing. It tastes bad if you get shot here.
guppy Pod, or tube.

HALO An extremely fast hopper that is somewhat pricey
harness A belt that goes aroudn your waist and stores pods
hopper This attatches to the feedneck and stores paintballs. There are also electronic versions for high end guns that feed paintballs very fast.
HPA see compressed air
HPR this stands for high pressure regulator, also known as the inline regulator these control the input pressure from the tank to the gun.
hyperball A form of speedball uses corrugated plastic tubes for bunkers.

inline reg see HPR
intimidator A high end gun that shoots very fast and is made by bob long they're very fast and used by many pro teams. These seem to be another fad.
impulse a mid end electropneumatic gun made by smart parts

lane(n) An open area in a field which will likely require movement through, as in a space between two key bunkers