Snipers In Paintball
By Jerry "Kan Man" K.
Official Tech for No Show Paintball LTD

Okay, I see a lot of new players asking about "sniping" in paintball, and which gun would would be best to "snipe" with.. and they the usual response "There is no sniping in paintball" well I am going to try and settle this once and for all...

Before I get going for this article, when ever I mention sniping in paintball, I am referring to woods ball, because obviously there is no sniping in speedball.

Lets start with the definition of "snipe"

snipe: to shoot at an exposed enemy from a concealed location.
Now, last time I checked, you can do that in Paintball. See the problem is, everyone thinks to be a sniper you have to make the shot from a far distance.  I guess that is one aspect in "sniping" that you could take from the definition. A concealed place being far away so the victim doesn't see you. However you could be a foot away from someone and have them still not notice you.

1)  skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place.
2)  one who shoots at other people from a concealed place.

The definition says nothing about range. See, being a sniper has to do with stealth, cunning, and patience.  Not a good post way up in a tree, or 100 yards down the field.

The problem is companies like Tippmann have seen that new players like "Snipers" so they market Paintball Markers that resemble sniper rifles and design a barrel and say it gives ultimate range, so many kids see this and get suckered into thinking that sniping only has to do with picking people off from a far enough range that you're safe.

So to all the new players out there.  If you plan on going into paintball being the sharpshooter and tagging the other team while they're on the other side of the field, then I am sorry but you're going to be disappointed.  Especially if you just forked out the dough for a flatline barrel or other "sniping" accessories because paintballs are round (hence ball) and a round object isn't exactly the most aerodynamic thing in the world.  The air goes around the ball and wipes to the back where it collides with other air that has been wisped back there, and cause turbulence which causes the ball to wobble and either lose its speed and mess with its accuracy. 

Back to where I was, new players.  If you plan on getting all camo'd up and hiding in bushes waiting for players to walk by, then go for it, and if you succeed then I think its safe to say that you're a paintball sniper.

Now I hope this cleared something's up..

Another thing to add in however is that everyone always refers to military snipers.  Well as everyone knows Paintball isn't war. Maybe in the early days it was a war game but now paintball is a sport.  Its been around long enough to really be noticed as its own thing.  Parents say "oh going to play war?" instead say "no mom, I am playing paintball" so don't give off military definitions. Its not applicable.  Paintball just adopted the term and changed it to its own meaning, haven't you heard kids in dodge ball? "oh man you sniped him" Its just a well aimed throw nothing about hiding, nothing about across the gym. Just a nice throw that got the guy, see?