Snipers VS Campers
By Jerry "Kan Man" K.
Official Tech for No Show Paintball LTD

Ah campers and snipers. Definitely not to be confused.
With campers I almost always know where they are, it is not difficult and campers generally have no skill.
How do I know where a camper is? Well, simple, they pick obvious spots and have no skill at remaining hidden.  They almost always give away their positions with movement, just fidgeting usually.  They get in position, then realize that they shouldn't have sat in a particular way and their leg or arm falls asleep and they are forced to move it or they get bored, impatient and even a bob of the their head can easily give them away. Since most campers are impatient, they take stupid shots.  They've been waiting for what seems like forever and then they finally see some one coming so they open fire, and they literally open fire.  They will shoot tons of paint at them and of coarse he will have a low chance of hitting them because they shot when they first saw them.  Which would have been a considerable distance away and its going to be through trees and leaves.  So they wont hit them and by shooting so much, they completely give away their position.  So not only did they ruin the chance of getting a tag.  They basically told the whole other team where they were. 

A "sniper" on the other hand would have waited, not only to make sure he had a 100% chance of tagging the player; but to make sure their opponent had no team mates following behind them or "flankers".  They would have watched the opponents movements and watched for signals.  They would have waited until the opponent was at least 10 or so feet away to make sure they get the shot.  Then they would have very quickly taken about 2 shots (just to make sure they broke) then get back down into cover right away and listen very carefully for other opponents that might have been close by.  Once it seems like you are fairly safe, then get out of there and find a new spot.

In the event that the camper had gotten the player out, they would have stayed there thinking that this position was a good position for another tag and the opponents would instinctively scope out the area where they lost a team mate and obviously they are going to be very sneaky and the camper would be identified.