Stay Focused
By Jeffrey “Tigurius” Espejo

What do we mean by saying “Stay Focused”? Well what we are really talking about here is tunnel vision, what happens when you focus too much on one thing. Some players tend to look and concentrate on one area or one player on the field without looking around to see if there is someone creeping up on them. This is why it is ever so important to always be aware of your surroundings and in communication with other members of your team. If you see one person and can not hit them do to the angle you are at, you do not have to wait there until they come out, inform another team mate to see if they can get a better angle to take them out. Of course do not forget about them, keep your eye open for any other players from the opposing team trying to take advantage of you not being aware. Preventing tunnel vision definitely prevents you from sitting on the sidelines more often.